Garmin Forerunner 920XT – Is This the Best GPS Watch for Activity Tracking?

It’s great to be able to use a watch that acts as a fitness tracker and vice versa. This is what the Garmin Forerunner 920XT has to offer. I bought it a while back and I’ve been wearing it almost every day ever since. Take advantage of my review of this model to decide whether it could be the best GPS watch for you.

Modern and Functional Design?

The rectangular display and the large but not oversized screen make the Forerunner 920XT look just like a traditional sports watch. It has a watch mode enabling you to wear it all day with confidence. You don’t have to look at your phone to check the time. This model serves a dual purpose. This is something you’d expect from the best GPS watch out there.

You will be happy to discover that this watch weighs less than its predecessors and you can feel that when it’s on your wrist. The high-resolution display is not very large, but the digits on it are and this is exactly what you need. The hinge bands are flexible allowing for extra comfort.

Effective Activity Tracking?

Just like all Garmin sports watches, this one tracks a wide variety of sports, each in a unique way. If you are into running, you will be happy to learn that the Forerunner 920XT will not simply measure your speed and the distance covered. You will get some advanced analytics for more detailed feedback. These include cadence, time during which you’ve had contact with the ground and vertical oscillation.

When you swim, the device will track the stroke type you are making and count your strokes. There is even a rest timer for those who are training for a competition. As a huge swimming fan, I like the drill logging feature quite a lot too. To the fitness enthusiasts, this watch can also produce VO2 max estimate and give you automatic recovery advice.

How about Heart Rate Monitoring?

The best GPS watch should naturally perform well in this category. When the Forerunner 920XT is used together with a heart rate monitor, which is available separately, it will give you a recovery check which is quite helpful. Once you are done exercising, the system will estimate the optimal recovery time for you. I’ve found that following its advice you can achieve better results in less time.

Reliable Connectivity?

The best GPS watch is easy to sync with your smart devices. Just like all other models of the brand Forerunner 920XT, comes with the Garmin Connect mobile app. It has intuitive interface which makes it very easy to use. You can track your route live on your screen thanks to the GPS feature. You can also share your accomplishments on social media. The brand gives you the opportunity to give get more competitive while sharing which in turn stimulates you to work out harder and more often.

If you sync your new watch with your smartphone, it will also produce alerts for emails and text, among others. This is a useful option to have, especially if you exercise during your lunch break. It is something which you’d expect to find in the best GPS watch.

Any Downsides?

I wish this activity tracking watch came with a heart rate monitor. This would make its use even more effective. I have found no other issues.


Is Forerunner 920XT the best GPS watch for you? It could be a great helper to all those who want to do aerobic exercises and achieve ever higher results. It is reliable and has multiple functions. Check out Amazon to get access to more detailed information and other helpful reviews.

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