Sundome 4 Person Tent Review – Is It the Best Choice for Accommodating 4 People?

One of my closest friends has a Sundome 4 person tent and we use it often to go camping in the wilderness. A lot of people are asking me whether I recommend this model and I always tell them that a simple yes or no isn’t sufficient. Here I will review this Coleman tent in detail to help you make up your mind about it.

Is It Roomy?

This Sundome model has dome design, as its name suggests, and measures 108 by 84 by 59 inches. It can accommodate 4 people, maximum. Alternatively, you can place a queen size air mattress inside. This is a good option for couples who want to enjoy greater comfort when camping and the flexibility to accommodate more people. I feel confident to say that this 4 person tent is quite versatile.

The front entry door with D shape is quite large. It is important to note that there is room to move inside. While you will not be able to stand up straight, given the center height of 59 inches, you can still have four and possibly even more people seated and playing cards when it’s raining outside. There are storage pockets to keep the most important items that you need at hand.

Effective Weather Protection?

This Sundome 4 person tent has been created with weather protection in mind and I can confirm that their designers have done a fabulous job. It comes with a 1000D polyethylene that wraps up the side. This is not the only feature designed to prevent water from getting inside the tent. The welded seams on all sides and in the corners work exceptionally well to keep the water out.

The walls and the door fly are made of coated polyester fabric, so you can be certain that they won’t let rain in either. I also want to mention the rainfly awning which provides additional protection, especially in a heavy rain. When the sun is shining, it creates some shade which is very nice, especially on hot summer days.

How about Ventilation?

There is a ground vent plus a hooded door fly and a hooded rear window. They all work together to maintain a constant air flow inside the 4 person tent. This creates comfort and helps prevent condensation. The mesh vents on the roof also do a good job. In my experience, you should keep all windows and vents open unless it’s very cold or very wet outside.

Easy to Put Together?

This 4 person tent weighs just below ten pounds, so it is very light and compact to take with you. You can easily slip it in your car trunk and possibly even under the seat. It’s hard to find a more compactly folding temporary home.

It’s been estimated that you can set up this Sundome tent in around fifteen minutes. There are several features that will help you with this. First on the list are the continuous pole sleeves. It’s easy to get the body over the poles. The tent will remain stable because of its design and because of the reliable external guy points. You can have complete peace of mind when camping.

Any Downsides?

While I find the interior pockets very convenient, I wish they were bigger so that they could hold my Hydro Flask sports water bottle and more. Additionally, the mesh fabric doesn’t give you much privacy when you are sharing the tent with other people. Apart from this, I have no complaints whatsoever.

The Verdict

This Coleman Sundome 4 person tent has excellent design and a full set of features designed to give you the highest possible level of comfort. The easy setup and durability are other factors to consider when making a choice. Access more details and reviews on Amazon.

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