Sundome 2 Person Tent Review – Will It Match Your Camping Accommodation Needs?

I love going on camping trips, especially near lakes and rivers where I can enjoy my favorite water sport – kayaking. Many times, I go along or just with my wife or a friend, so I decided to get a 2 person tent. After some research, I chose the Coleman Sundome model. Could it be a good choice for you too? Read my review to answer this question.

Size and Design

This is a 2 person tent with dome design, so it’s normal for it to be quite compact. Measuring 2.7 by 5 feet, it is easy to set up even in a very tight place such as a packed camping ground. What’s more, it folds compactly, and the setup takes very little time.

The dome design adds to the stability of the tent and to its weather protection too. It’s also ideal for sleeping. You just get inside, slip into your sleeping bag and fall asleep quickly. The large door makes the entry and exit extremely easy. If you are looking for a unit in which you can stand up, you should consider a larger model, perhaps with a cabin design.

Protection from the Elements

You can expect to be dry and warm inside Coleman Sundome 2, no matter how bad the weather outside of the tent may be. The patented WeatherTec system does a great job in providing protection from the elements. It includes a 1000D polyethylene floor which wraps up the sides, so that water doesn’t get inside the 2 person tent. The welded seams also work to prevent leaks. There are ones even in the corner for reducing the risk of you getting wet while inside to the very possible minimum.

The walls and fly also help shield you from adverse weather. They are made of coated polyester fabric which keeps the rain and wind out. I’d like to point out that the fly is extremely durable, and its properties won’t get affected even if it gets wet. To be honest, I feel quite cozy inside the Coleman Sundome, regardless of the weather outside.

Effective Ventilation?

The designers of this 2 person tent have done a lot to prevent condensation and ensure that the two people inside breathe fresh air all the time. The hooded fly on the door provides ventilation, even when it’s raining outside. You can also keep the rear hooded window open for even better air circulation. The mesh roof is another factor preventing condensation and the interior from getting stuffy as a whole. The vented Cool Air Port is always available to increase the air flow even further.

Setup and Stability

This Coleman Sundome model is free-standing and has continuous pole sleeve construction. It’s effortless to connect the body to the poles. This should not take more than several minutes of your time. I was very happy to discover that the instructions were sewn to the carry bag of the 2 person tent. It’s practically impossible to lose them. What’s more, they are pretty straightforward and simple to follow even for people who are new to camping.

You can expect the tent to remain stable even when there is a violent storm outside. It’s external guy points are extremely dependable. Rest assured that they won’t fail you.

Any Negative Sides?

While you’ll still be able to put an air mattress inside, you won’t be able to fit a very big one. If you want more comfort, you may want to consider a 4 person tent from the same brand.

The Verdict

The Coleman Sundome 2 person tent is functional, modern and very comfortable. It even has an electric access port for running AC power. Visit Amazon for more details and reviews.

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